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Dear APOB Families,

We here at Advanced Pediatrics of Boca want to let you know we are committed to providing the best and safest healthcare for your child throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. While the COVID-19 virus does not cause children to have severe illness as frequently as adults, it is important to prevent spread within the community so those who do become very ill can have access to care when they need it. We will be updating you with the latest plans to serve you.

In effort to prevent spread of germs, we will only be seeing well visits in the morning and sick visits in the afternoon. Well visits will be limited to infants as we feel it is still important to continue to vaccinate as well as assess growth and development. Staff will continue to thoroughly clean exam rooms after each visit, practice good hand washing, and practice other measures to reduce the spread of germs. We plan to re-evaluate and adjust our plans frequently in order to best serve you and to prevent the spread of the infection.

As of today, we are not equipped to test for the COVID-19 virus. Please remember COVID-19 is a viral illness. The recommended care is the same as for any other viral illness: rest, fluids, comfort measures, and treatment of respiratory distress if it occurs.

In the meantime, children will need care for strep throat, ear infections, and other common illnesses. We will do our best to take care of your child over the phone if possible. However, if need be, we are equipped to provide care for infants, children, and teens who need to see their provider. Our doctors and staff are meeting daily to improve our availability and to provide the best quality care possible for our patients and community.

Here to serve you,
Dr. Anastasio, Dr.Moore, Dr.Stone, Dr.Rosenfeld, and Dr.Laufer

"The modern medicine your family expects, the tender loving care your family deserves."